2022 ICMA Conference Columbus/Franklin County
September 17-21, 2022



Charlotte Colley headshot
Tom Homan headshot

Charlotte Colley
Miami County, County Administrator

Tom Homan
City of Delaware, City Manager

Recent Updates: 

That’s when Charlotte Colley and Tom Homan became the 2022 ICMA Annual Conference Host Committee Co-chairs. Over the past eight years, they have attentively watched the production of annual conferences, sought words of wisdom from past Host Committee co-chairs, attended conference evaluation and conference vision meetings, met with Columbus and Franklin County community leaders, listened to and learned from fellow OCMA members, recruited committee members and now are steering the host committee volunteer team. 

The host committee volunteer team has been in place for several years, but their efforts were placed on a strategic pause in 2020. Since Portland 2021, they have recommitted themselves to excellence and promise a vibrant, high-energy and memorable conference. You can learn more about the outstanding efforts of the Host Committee Co-Chairs by reading the summaries of their specific areas. 

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Charlotte, Tom and the OCMA Board of Trustees thank the following for their dedication and commitment to the 2022 ICMA Annual Conference:

Steering Committee
Tom Homan, City of Delaware
Charlotte Colle, Miami County
Ken Wilson, Franklin County Administrator
Mike Schadek, Columbus Mayor Ginther’s Office
Aubrey Hale, City of Grandview Heights
Sandra Puskarcik, Conference Consultant
Megan Hasting, OCMA Secretariat
Sandra Miller, OCMA Secretariat

Activities + Programs

Mobile Workshops
Robyn Stewart, City of Worthington
Matt Greeson, City of Worthington

Troy Euton, City of Columbus
Terry Emery, City of Marysville

Dan Ralley, City of Hilliard

Assistants Exchange
Jeff Weckbach, Colerain Township
John Nelson, Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District 

Special Events

Saturday Tailgate at Ohio State
Erik Janas, Franklin County
Sandra Puskarcik

Saturday Welcome Reception at NVMM 
(National Veterans Memorial and Museum)
Dana McDaniel, City of Dublin
Homer Rogers, City of Dublin

Sunday Opening Ceremony Elements & Entertainment
Mike Schadek, City of Columbus
Ken Wilson, Franklin County

Tuesday Closing Reception at COSI
Kyle Kridler, City of Delaware
Jesse Lightle, Washington Township
Michelle Crandall, City of Hilliard


Host Committee Lounge, Arnold Plaza
Robin Ross, Franklin County 
Megan Meyer, City of Whitehall

Partners Program
Dave Collinsworth, OCMA Senior Advisor
Jane Collinsworth
Dan Wendt, City of Vandalia


Volunteers at Hotels & Airport
Tom Smith, City of Monroe
Mariah Vogelgesang, City of Centerville
Scott Lahrmer, Amberley Village

Volunteers at Conference
Patrick Titterington, City of Troy
Salome Hekate, City of Troy
Vicky Earhart, Anderson Township

If you know of a business that would benefit from this opportunity contact Conference Consultant Sandra Puskarcik at 614-206-3303 or spuskarcik@gmail.com.