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    1. The Ohio City/County Management Association acts as a personal and professional support system for its members. OCMA networks with other organizations to achieve excellence in local government. The OCMA Corporate Partners Program is designed to formalize and facilitate relationships while building them. OCMA hosts an annual conference in the winter and regional training opportunities in the spring. It supports a professional management fund, a next generation program and a Senior Advisory program. OCMA recognizes excellence in local government through annual awards at the winter conference. OCMA communicates with its membership via a membership list serve, a bi-monthly newsletter and maintains a website at OCMA’s Professional Development and Education Committee determines the nature of corporate partner participation at OCMA functions. The committee manages corporate partner access to individual members through official introductions, upon request. OCMA's professional development events promote relationships between members and corporate partners. Conferences are private for members and Friends of OCMA Corporate Partners.

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