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2024 OCMA Call for Internships

On behalf of the Leadership Development Committee, we are reaching out with an exciting opportunity to elevate internship programs within our member cities and counties.

As you know, fostering and attracting young talent is crucial for the future of local government. Internships play a vital role in this process, offering hands-on experience and nurturing the next generation of public servants. To build a robust pipeline of future leaders, we’re creating a comprehensive list of internship opportunities across OCMA. By sharing your openings, you’ll gain access to a wider pool of qualified candidates.

To add your postings:

  • Visit and log in to your OCMA account.
  • Post your internship opening just like you would share a full-time position but select “internship” in the drop-down menu under “Job Type”.
  • Make sure you put a deadline to fill the position so we can keep our list current.
  • Link to the actual posting on your website so candidates know how to apply!

Thank you for your commitment to building this valuable resource. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions at