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Strengthening the Quality of Local Governance through Professional Management

Professional Development

Professional Development Seminars/Webinars are offered to provide in- depth training and educational opportunities. OCMA is partnering with the John Glenn College of Public Affairs to offer OCMA members access to MAPS courses at a discounted rate to attend, which are intensive, one-day, on-line, skill-based training for city and county employees at all career levels

Professional Conferences provide sessions featuring current best practices and innovations in local gov- ernment management. Conferences serve as training sessions to develop managerial skills and offer ICMA Credentialed Manager Credit.

  • Winter Conference
  • Periodic regional or topical conferences focusing on management training and current issues facing local government.

Professional Standards and Support

Adherence to the ICMA Code of Ethics that provides members a framework for professional conduct.

Senior Advisors provide support to help address the personal and professional needs of individual members including career assistance and support during the entire spectrum of a member’s career.

Secretariat Support provides members with the opportunity to submit information requests or queries to the OCMA membership on pertinent topics.

Connect with Fellow Members

ICMA University Courses are offered by OCMA during its annual winter conferences. These courses can also assist in meeting the educational requirements for being an ICMA Credentialed Manager (ICMA-CM).

Networking opportunities enable members to speak with other managers and colleagues who are facing similar issues and challenges and to share best or leading practices across communities.

OCMA Newsletters serve as a vehicle for information exchange on topics of general interest. They also serve as a forum for advertising available positions and inform members of upcoming events.