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Ken Filipiak Recognized for Career Development & Mentoring

Career Development/Mentoring – Ken Filipiak, City of Mentor

Ken Filipiak is the City Manager of Mentor, Ohio and has decades of experience in the Cities of Defiance and Oregon.  He has always made space and time to share his wisdom with aspiring professional managers as they work their way into the profession.  Mr. Filipiak is a past OCMA President who manages a thriving community of more than 47,000 residents.  He is a regional and state leader, and a subject matter expert in the core competencies of city management and economic development.  Mr. Filipiak always has time for learning leaders and is humble, inviting and embodies the character of a servant leader who seeks to build up others.  Mr. Filipiak is a Bowling Green State University graduate.

Dan Wendt Receives Distinguished Early Career Award

Distinguished Early Career Award – Dan Wendt, City of Vandalia

Dan Wendt is the City Manager for the City of Vandalia and in his three years in this position, has thrust the City of Vandalia into the spotlight as a regionally known community.  Mr. Wendt has worked diligently to gain the trust and confidence of Council, staff, and the community.  He has tenaciously, and successfully, tackled modern, lingering hurdles of community and economic development in our community.  When Mr. Wendt started his time with Vandalia, he employed a clear set of goals that would inevitably bring Vandalia to the next level of local government service.  He has established a new standard for professional management and through the rebranding project and the implementation of the City -Wide Policy Goals.  Mr. Wendt is a graduate of Bowling Green University.

Citizen Participation: City of Cincinnati Balance the City Budget Game Show

Citizen Participation – City of Cincinnati – Balance the City Budget Game Show

As part of the community engagement efforts, the City of Cincinnati’s Office of Budget and Evaluation developed an interactive and engaging gameshow to educate community members on various aspects of the City of Cincinnati’s Budget.  “Balance:  The City Budget Game Show” was developed and utilized at the 2023 Neighborhood Summit, hosted by Invest in Neighborhoods.  Contestants from the audience participate in a series of games intended to entertain and educate.  The Game Show is repeatable and can be utilized in a variety of situations to provide community members and City employees with insight on tax rates, the real costs associated with delivering public services, and making difficult budget decisions with limited resources.

Innovation in Local Government: Montgomery County Behavioral Task Force

Innovation in Local Government – Montgomery County Behavioral Task Force

In January of 2023, the Montgomery County Board of County Commissioners enlisted the Office of Strategic Initiatives and the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association to facilitate a Behavioral Health Task Force comprised of multiple sectors throughout the community, including hospitals, behavioral health providers, the criminal justice systems, and administrative agencies.  This task force aims to foster in-depth discussions between these organizations and formulate recommendations for county-wide opportunities to enhance behavioral health coordination and treatment.  The impact of this work will help ensure all Montgomery County residents can access the necessary treatment and services to live healthy and save lives.

Intergovernmental Cooperation: Cities of Dublin & Marysville Beta District

Intergovernmental Cooperation – City of Dublin – The Beta District

The Beta District, officially launched in 2020, is an innovation region that stretches northwest along U.S. 33 from Columbus Through Franklin, Union and Logan counties.  It is overseen by the Northwest 33 Council of Governments, which includes Dublin, Marysville, Union County, and the Marysville-Union County Port Authority.  The Beta District serves as Central Ohio’s hub for smart and connected mobility applications, showcasing the incredible strides made in enhancing safety, connectivity, and overall lifestyle through the strategic integration of technology.  Connected Dublin and Connected Marysville are both living labs in The Beta District and serve as proving grounds where new ideas evolve into real-world applications.  The Beta District stands as a prime example of successful intergovernmental cooperation, where strategic partnerships, leadership and substantial investments converge a connected, smart and thriving community.

Placemaking: City of Dublin Riverside Crossing Park

Placemaking – City of Dublin – Riverside Crossing Park

Riverside Crossing Park is in the heart of Dublin, Ohio.  It is a greenspace created with nature’s beauty, innovative design, and community spirit.  Following a comprehensive public engagement process spanning from 2013-2016, the park design was made with a desire in mind for increased access to the Scioto River and natural parkland.  The impact of Riverside Crossing Park extends beyond its borders and has spurred multi-million-dollar private investments that benefit residents and businesses alike.  It is a living example of how placemaking can bridge communities, nurture nature, create opportunities for health and wellness and shape a brighter future for all.


Delaware City Manager Tom Homan Recognized for Career Achievement

Career Achievement – Tom Homan, City of Delaware

Thomas Homan has been Delaware City Manager since 1999. As the City Manager, Tom has oversight of a full-service city, which includes police, fire, a municipal airport, and a water and wastewater utility. A graduate of both Michigan State University’s James Madison College and New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service.  Homan previously held positions in Connecticut and New York prior to joining the City of Delaware, Ohio.  He is an accredited member of ICMA, has been an ICMA Member for 40 years and was the Co-Chair of the 2022 ICMA Conference Committee hosted in Columbus.  Under his leadership, the City has received many regional and national awards for its quality of services.  Delaware is a two-time Ohio Magazine Best Hometown, a Money Magazine Top 50 Best Places to Live in America and boasts a national-honored downtown recognized by the American Planning Association.

Redevelopment Projects: City of Norwood Factory 52

Redevelopment Projects – City of Norwood – Factory 52

Factory 52 opened in 2023 and is a multi-phase 20 acre mixed use development of the former US Playing Card Factory in Norwood Ohio.  The phased development has now completed its $100+ million Phase I A, and has broken ground on the $25 million Phase I B.  This development includes a food hall, pickleball facilities, two breweries, an ice cream shop, small store fronts, a dog park, concert space and more than 200 residential units.  Several historic structures were saved during the redevelopment of this project.  The project also saved and refurbished the historic and iconic clock tower.