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Intergovernmental Cooperation: Cities of Dublin & Marysville Beta District

Intergovernmental Cooperation – City of Dublin – The Beta District

The Beta District, officially launched in 2020, is an innovation region that stretches northwest along U.S. 33 from Columbus Through Franklin, Union and Logan counties.  It is overseen by the Northwest 33 Council of Governments, which includes Dublin, Marysville, Union County, and the Marysville-Union County Port Authority.  The Beta District serves as Central Ohio’s hub for smart and connected mobility applications, showcasing the incredible strides made in enhancing safety, connectivity, and overall lifestyle through the strategic integration of technology.  Connected Dublin and Connected Marysville are both living labs in The Beta District and serve as proving grounds where new ideas evolve into real-world applications.  The Beta District stands as a prime example of successful intergovernmental cooperation, where strategic partnerships, leadership and substantial investments converge a connected, smart and thriving community.