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Grant Administrator

Website Delaware County, OH

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Individual is responsible for managing the entire grant process and provides grant related administrative, financial and technical support to the departments under the
Board of Commissioners.  Individual researches, coordinates, writes, and monitors the overall County grant program including assisting other County government offices with grant needs and oversight.
Individual reports to the Finance Director.

Job Standards
Bachelor’s Degree in public administration, business management, non-profit management, finance or a related field combined with a minimum of five years’ related experience.
Must possess demonstrated progressive grant administration knowledge and skill.
Must meet and maintain qualifications for driving on county business as a continued condition of employment.
All required licenses and certificates must be maintained as a condition of continued employment.

Essential Functions

  • Coordinates, manages and monitors grant programs, grant preparation and all grant reporting requirements;
  • Liaisons with departments under the Board of Commissioners and other County offices to foster and develop grant opportunities and funding prospects;
  • Researches and identifies new government and private funding prospects for County departments;
  • Identifies, defines and develops public and private funding sources to support existing and planned program activities;
  • Reviews and completes financial reports and project expenditures, tracking payments, conducting financial forecasting of grant expenditures and oversees grant budgetary plans;
  • Maintains sound knowledge and understanding of the Board of Commissioners departments, County government and maintains a comprehensive knowledge base of all projects and programs for which grants will be recommended and sought;
  • Generates proposals and supporting documentation in response to solicitations;
  • Generates revenues for County programs and services through timely submission of grant opportunities;
  • Researches, coordinates, develops, writes and edits grant proposals following submission rules and guidelines;
  • Analyzes and reviews necessary budgets of projects or programs for which funding is sought and makes recommendations to market the needs to potential funding sources;
  • Researches, analyzes and collects reporting data on the performance of program activities for grant writing and reporting purposes;
  • Coordinates potential fund raising activities;
  • Reviews current literature and stays up to date with all possible grant opportunities;
  • Monitor and coordinate the grant-related activities of recipients, subrecipients, contractors, and subcontractors;
  • Serve as the prevailing wage coordinator for any grant-related contracts or projects that are subject to federal or state prevailing wage requirements;
  • Act as the housing officer and administer the fair housing programs on behalf of the County;
  • Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance;
  • Attends various training sessions, video conferences, and workshops;
  • Performs typing, word processing, and related computer operations;
  • Works outside of typical work schedule/business hours as required; and
  • Other duties as assigned.

Supplemental Information
Civil Service Classification: Unclassified per R.C. 124.11(A)(8).

Equal Opportunity Employer

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