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Nicholas Sanchez-Zarkos

The Ohio State University

Major: Business Administration
Major Specialization: Human Resources Specialization

Human Resources Intern Orange Township
May 4, 2022 to April/May of 2023

Nicholas aides in research projects, the hiring/onboarding of new employees, attends board meetings, department head meetings and any other meetings through the HR department, organizes files and transitions HR files to fully digital, reworks and digitalizes the current application for Orange Township, designs and assists with the production of Core Values/Mission statement and email signatures around the workplace, researches insurance brokers, presents during HR workshops with staff, and manages the reference checking for new hires etc.

Nicholas hopes to complete OSU’s 5 year master’s program for HR in 4 years through early college credit from high school, plans on interning abroad in Spain next summer or in the coming years and maintaining his 3.8+ GPA and Dean’s List status for the remainder of his college years and his membership in the International Affairs Scholars program at OSU.