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Oxford Adopts Climate Action Plan

The City of Oxford, and its residents, are preparing the community for a more sustainable future.

The Oxford City Council recently adopted Towards a Sustainable, Resilient Future: A Climate Action Plan for Oxford, Ohio. To achieve the bold carbon-neutrality goal of 2045, Oxford’s Climate Action Steering Committee and City Staff researched best practices and engaged the public on ways to get there, while preparing for climate risks.

The Climate Action Plan (CAP) sets out strategies for achieving carbon neutrality in our energy systems, transportation, and utilities, while striving to be Zero Waste and improving carbon sequestration. To help Oxford adapt and bounce back from climate change, the City must also plan for excessive heat, flooding and drought, severe storms, and strengthen ecosystems and forests.  

You can read the plan here. The goals are also integrated in the recently adopted Oxford Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan. As Mayor Bill Snavely states in the CAP’s introduction “As citizens of Oxford, we are all stewards of our community and our environment. This plan provides a roadmap for bringing about a high quality, low carbon, and prosperous life for all community members, present and future.”